Digital together : from the mailbox to the eBox 2016-02-10

Throughout the coming years the National Social Security Office (NSSO) will make the digitalisation of its document  flow one of its priorities. Whereas most declarations destined to the social security are already being processed for a long time on a digital basis, many notifications and confirmations are still being sent on paper. The NSSO intends now to change this situation gradually. Indeed a digital exchange of documents with the enterprises speeds up the proceedings and puts less strain on the environment. The eBox of the enterprise is central to this digitalisation project.

The e-Box

Every enterprise obtains automatically an eBox as soon as it has itself registered on the social security portal. The enterprise receives in its eBox documents, messages and tasks from the social security institutions. The objective is to replace in time the paper versions of the documents of the NSSO as much as possible by PDF documents which are being sent to the secured eBox.

More information

You can read on the website of Samen digitaal / Tous au numérique (only available in Dutch and in French) anything you should know about the digitalisation project of the NSSO.

You will find on the portal pages of eBox (in Dutch. and French) all information about  the eBox for enterprises, including a manual.

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