Interim@work : an online tool for more security for temporary workers 2016-10-03

Interim@work is online as from October 1st 2016! This tool allows temporary workers to check if they have been declared to the Belgian social security correctly and in time.  Interim@work is an initiative of the Belgian National Social Security Office (NSSO).

Control of declarations

Interim@work is an online tool allowing temporary workers to have an overview of all their labor relations in the current, previous and following years. Such a relation is created as soon as the employer declares his employee to the NSSO at the moment of employment. Each temporary worker can go to Interim@work to check if the employment agency has declared him promptly and correctly.

Interim@work means extra security for temporary workers. A correct declaration to the National Social Security Office is essential for the temporary workers’ social rights. Those who are declared too late or not at all may get into trouble.

Maggie De Block, minister of Social Affairs: “As a government, we have to tune our procedures and systems to today's society and tot make them as clear and simple as possible for the users".

Contract still needed

The labor relations in Interim@work show that a person is declared. However, legally, a temporary worker must always sign a contract before starting to work. The declaration to the NSSO does not exclude the need of a contract.

Access with eID-card

Interim@work is a secured online service. In order to use it, a temporary worker should sign in by using his eID or token.

Why Interim@work?

The new tool is in line with the modernization of temporary work, set up by the federal government in 2011  after having consulted the social partners. Part of the plan is the abolition of the '48 hours rule' which meant that a temporary worker had to sign his contract within two working days after starting his job. This system, however, put some temporary worker in a precarious situation in which abuses were not excluded. The social partners agreed to abolish this 48 hour rule : the contract has to be signed before starting the temporary job. This change, however, requires two new tools:

  • a system of electronic contracts, developed by the employment agencies;
  • a monitoring tool that allows temporary workers to check whether the employment agency has declared them correctly to the NSSO : Interim@work.

The two tools were launched simultaneously on October 1, 2016, along with the change of the 48 hours rule.

Find out more on the Social Security Portal in Dutch, French or German.

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